The Mint Dispensary

As it turns out, the owner and CEO of Mint, Eivan Shahara admitted to violating Arizona's Consumer Fraud Act and paid $125,000 to the State back in 2016 before Mint opened as a result of the Fraud. Specifically, Shahara owned a used car lot called Discount Auto Sales where he resold cars from out-of-state that were wrecked and totaled. This is highly irresponsible, since not only are you scamming some of the most vulnerable people, but you are also putting families and children in cars that are unsafe to be on the road.

If Shahara operated his fraudulent car lot in this manner, I can't begin to imagine how he operates his dispensary, which is largely a cash business.

Shahara should not be allowed to possess a AZ MMJ dispensary and cultivation liscense, but because our State's marijuana program lacks appropriate vetting of liscense applicants, his dispensary received one. Back in December of 2017, Shahara submitted a license to open a dispensary in Palm Springs, California. Because California investigates the financial background of owners before giving out liscenses, Shahara was denied his permit to open up in Palm Springs. He appealed the decision, but failed to appear in front of the city council for a public hearing, giving short notice of his absence only hours before the meeting of the agendized issue, asking for a continuance (delay) of the hearing. Mint dispensary should have never been allowed to open under the control of Shahara as he is not fit to run a dispensary.

Video of Palm Springs City Council discussing the company’s dispensary appeal:

Eivan Shahara

Mint Tempe:
(480) 749-6468

Mint Mesa:
330 E SOUTHERN AVE #37 MESA AZ 85210 
(480) 664-1470


Palm Springs City Council appeal hearing link:

AZ Attorney Gen Press Release link:

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