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I was recently given the opportunity to see the Grow Sciences grow first hand, and it’s made me question why almost all other growers in AZ can’t live up to their standards. One of my favorite things I’ve always loved about this brand is that they encourage the upmost transparency from both their employees and others that have seen the grow. Taking pictures of any part of the facility is encouraged (can’t be said about vast majority of grows), largely because they have such a clean facility that they’re proud of, and because transparency is super important in a market with no safety regulations and regularly posting pictures of their grow online helps patients see what they’re smoking. This small group of individuals work extremely hard everyday putting out a product that’s no bullshit.

What goes into their flower exactly? The fertilizer (NPK) they use is Canna coco and they use Amptus BloomBoost for feeding (which is a fully organic product that stimulates flowering and increases soil health). Additionally, they make their own enzymes, use humic and fulvic acids (which are extracted from minerals and promote soil health and growth and increases nutrient uptake), and a variety of teas (which stimulate growth of helpful microorganisms). When it comes to pest management, they use Banish, which is a natural fungicide made of geranium plant extract and also the insecticides Grandevo and Venerate, which are certified organic for use (including products to be used for inhalation). These IPM products are foliar (directly) sprayed twice in the plant’s veg state and once in flower between day 10-14. They are allowed for use in all states with medical cannabis including California.

They take their plants all the way to 70-75 days, and all their flower is #flushednotrushed through a 20 day flush process that starts tapering nutrients at day 50 and allows for a full flushing by harvest. Every batch of GS material grown in their 369 light facility gets tested by two separate labs in AZ.

With everything positive to say, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. But considering this company has only been on the market for around 1 year, they’ve make tremendous progress that can visually and quantifiably be seen. Two major improvements I would like to see in the future are 1) getting rid of or fixing the 1/8th jars that dry the flower out way too quick since many patients don’t go through an 1/8th super quick, and 2) providing an easily accessible method for patients to access test results for the specific product they’ve purchased. Fixing/switiching the jars is easy, and the latter would take much more time but would be something completely unique on the AZ market. Nevertheless, the amount of improvement y’all have made in about 1 year is remarkable and I’m sure the best is yet to come!

All the pictures in this post were taken first-hand at the facility and more pics and info to follow in the future. I tried to make sure all of the information in this post was accurate, and if it’s not, feel free to correct me.

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