2019 Errl Cup Flower

**DISCLAIMER: These test results are from a local single party testing lab, C4 Labs, and were submitted on behalf of dispensaries by Errl Cup, as well as secret shoppers, and patients. The validity of these tests has not been verified, and many aspects of their testing procedure have been called into question, including their chain of custody (particularly for flower). For the meantime, please take these results with a grain of salt, but also know they also paint a picture of the quality of medicine available in Arizona. Please forward any independent testing conducted on Arizona medicine via labs to us if you desire.

Here is a compilation of all 14 of the flower listings that tested at or over 10,000 CFU/g for total mold and yeast, which is the maximum standard set in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Nevada, among others. They are ranked in order of CFU/g content descending.

Even more unsettling is the fact that the majority of these failed entries were entered by the dispensaries themselves, not secret shopped. Here's the list of all 14 tests that were at 10,000 CFU/g or more:

1: AZNS- Clown Shoes (36,000 CFU/g)
2: Item9- Do Si Do #22 (33,000 CFU/g)
3/4: Monarch- Master Kush (32,000 CFU/g)
3/4: Green Pharms- Jigga Cookies (32,000 CFU/g)
5: Phoenix Relief- RBK (28,000 CFU/g)
6: Unknown- God’s Gift (26,000 CFU/g)
7: AZNS- Lime OG (24,000 CFU/g)
8: Unknown- Doll Face #12 (23,000 CFU/g)
9: AZ Organix- Majin Buu (22,000 CFU/g)
10: Hi-Klas- McDaddy Purple
11/12: Item9- Charlotte’s Web #9 (11,000 CFU/g)
11/12: Phoenix Cannabis Co.- Dosidos #12 B#0415 (11,000 CFU/g)
13/14: The Holistic Center- Gelato (10,000 CFU/g)
13/14: Herbal Wellness Center- Phoenix OG (10,000 CFU/g)

See gallery below for images of samples:

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