2019 Errl Cup Concentrate

**DISCLAIMER: These test results are from a local single party testing lab, C4 Labs, and were submitted on behalf of dispensaries by Errl Cup, as well as secret shoppers, and patients. The validity of these tests has not been verified, and many aspects of their testing procedure have been called into question, including their chain of custody (particularly for flower). For the meantime, please take these results with a grain of salt, but also know they also paint a picture of the quality of medicine available in Arizona. Please forward any independent testing conducted on Arizona medicine via labs to us if you desire.

The worst of the Errl Cup 2019: Residuals.  These are split into four categories by the solvent: pentane, ethanol, isopropanol, and butane. Below is a text listing of all the results. Keep in mind that all these results were entered into the cup by the dispensary themself.

Pentane, which has a limit of 750ppm in California and 1000ppm in Colorado. All results I included are those with residuals in excess of 1000ppm.

1: Mad Terp Labs Wedding Cake Sauce (2,006ppm)
2: Phoenix Cannabis Co. Skunk Diesel Sauce (1,128ppm)
3: Phoenix Cannabis Co. Cactus OG Sauce (1,058ppm)

Ethanol, which has a limit of 1000ppm in California and Colorado.

1: Wickenburg Alternative Medicine Strawberry Cart (4,781ppm)
2: AZ Organix Orange Sherbert Shatter (4,684ppm)
3: MuV Rest Blend Vape (3,303ppm)
4: Tru-Infusion Nanna Berry Distillate (3,178ppm)
5: Tru-Infusion Strawberry Crack Distillate (2,885ppm)
6: Tru-Infusion Nanna Berry Cart (1,801ppm)
7: OG Zonka Farms GDP (1,698ppm)
8: Tru-Infusion CBD Mango Haze Shatter (1,269ppm)

Isopropanol, which has a limit of 500ppm in California and 1000ppm in Colorado.

1: Tru-Infusion Grape LA Crumble (4,510ppm)
2: Tru-Infusion Treasure Island Crumble (3,867ppm)
3: Tru-Infusion Bora Bora Crumble (2,118 ppm)
4: Item9 Lemontree Apollo Pod (1,746ppm)
5: Item9 Orange Cookies Apollo Pod (1,064ppm isobutane and 1,496ppm isobutane)

n-Butane, which has a limit of 800ppm in California and 1000ppm in Colorado.

1: High Grade Mendo Breath Sauce Cart (2,575ppm)
2: High Grade Grease Monkey Sauce Cart (2,178ppm)
3: High Grade Jenny Kush Diamond Sauce (2,112ppm)
4: High Grade Strawberry Jack Sauce Cart (1,541ppm)
5: High Grade Northern Lights Sauce Cart (1,386ppm)
6: High Grade Wookies OG Sauce Cart (1,189ppm)
7: High Grade Dosidos Diamond Sauce (1,090ppm)

See gallaries below for images of samples:


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